Our Trading Technology Insights

Market Readiness of Our Trading Technology

Developed over four years, our proprietary trading technology has undergone extensive real-money trials. It has successfully navigated diverse market conditions, demonstrating resilience and profitability. It took about $200k in development costs so far, and the technology can support asset management up to $20m, aligning with our growth trajectory.

Behavioral Analysis in Trading

Our unique approach is grounded in the recognition of behavioral cycles within market trends. Utilizing proprietary signals and algorithms, we've identified hundreds of potential strategies. Through rigorous back testing and validation, we've distilled these into consistently profitable strategies, field-tested with real capital since 2020.

Adaptive Market Strategies

Our main thesis is that markets run in behavioural cycles that can be capitalized on, and our strategies match with market phases covering the whole spectrum.

One such strategy is depicted below. When aligned with the right market phase starting at point 1, as illustrated here, the strategy generates a series of short-term, escalating returns in cycles. This pattern persists until the market transitions out of phase at point 2, typically a process spanning several months. A strategy going out of phase can be easily visually identified, as the escalating profits stop happenning.

Adaptive Strategy Illustration
Fig 1: ETH price in minute candles between 2019-2023, and profitibility trading ETH futures from strategy 1.

One of the reasons for choosing strategies monthly is that it's easy to see if current strategy is going out of phase, and you can take action if so.

Our arsenal includes a variety of strategies, each capable of capitalizing on diverse market phases. As market conditions evolve, so do our strategies to maintain profitability. Below you can see a strategy that went in phase around point 2, and picked up from where previous strategy went out of phase. The diversity of our strategic arsenal underpins our capacity to thrive in various market conditions.

Adaptive Strategy Illustration
Fig 2: ETH price in minute candles between 2019-2023, and profitibility trading ETH futures from strategy 2.

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